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Why Your Fire Alarm Should Be Serviced by a Professional

We’ve seen our fair share of having it done on the cheap and it has appeared to be OK, we know this because we have been called out to systems that claimed they have been serviced by a professional company and we have found indications that proved otherwise on more than one occasion.

It’s not good to have an associate or an electrician, who may have some idea but not qualified to work on Fire Alarm systems. So here are just some reasons not too have someone unqualified to Service Your Fire Alarm.

Why Not?

Having someone unqualified Service your Fire Alarm will think they can find any fault and will want to put them right, mainly they won’t want to let you down or (lose face) your familiar with the saying, and could lead to a whole host of problems and being that it’s a Fire Alarm it’s not something you should gamble with, it’s always best to have a professional and qualified engineer who knows what they’re doing. Intelligent Facility Services Ltd have qualified staff and very experienced engineers.

Correct Procedures

We are sure that you have heard it said, I don’t have the correct tool but I can get round it, when it comes to Fire Alarms and safety you really cannot afford to get round it, this is when it becomes so dangerous, an unqualified person can cause long term damage than you can imagine and getting it wrong with a Fire Alarm is very serious so whatever you do, don’t it wrong, get Intelligent Facility Services Ltd.

Guessing How It’s Done

When someone is unqualified you’ll find them second guessing or turning to manuals or looking on google on their phone, because with all due respect they really don’t have a clue, they wouldn’t want to become embarrassed and some how not let you know that they are trying to search the internet for all the ways of servicing a Fire Alarm. We know it may cost a little more to call a professional company but what price would you put on the safety of your site, we at Intelligent Facility Services have the experience and knowledge to take care of your systems and maintain them to a high standard.

So Please Stay SAFE…

After reading all the above is there a possibility that the fault will fix itself or just disappear over night or really could that unqualified person fix the little problem the simple answer is “NO”. Fire is very serious and not to be taken lightly, we take Fire Safety very seriously and will service your Fire Alarm with confidence, our trained experts have the correct tools and know exactly what they are doing and will not hope the problem will go away. They will fix or find the issue and guarantee your safety, always get a qualified professional engineer, get Intelligent Facility Services Ltd.

Fire Safety, Fire Alarm Systems, Accreditations
Fire Safety, Fire Alarm Systems, Accreditations

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